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Coming aboard a Catch a Crab Cruise in 2020?

We’re always committed to providing a relaxed, fun and safe touring experience for all of our guests.  

These days that means we’ve stepped our procedures and safety practices in line with the latest 2020

COVID safe recommendations for Australians.



What’s changed?

More room for you.    We’ve reduced our passenger capacity to accommodate social distancing on deck and in our café.


Personalised service.    Your family / group will be allocated your own table and enjoy individual food and beverage servings using disposable cups etc. 


Wax on… wax off…..     We’ve implemented a much more frequent schedule of cleaning and sanitising surfaces, equipment and high traffic areas.


We’re wise. We sanitise.    We’ve got plenty of sanitiser stations onboard as well as dockside for everyone’s use.  Staff and guests are required to use these frequently throughout the cruise.   Increased PPE use and hygiene procedures are now practiced by the Catch a Crab crew, too.   In addition, all CAC staff are ship-shape  and symptom free on the day of your cruise (or they stay home).


How can you help?


We’ll check you in on arrival (using a simple QR code link), 

so have your mobile phone handy.

All guests are asked to listen carefully to our safety briefing and follow Crew instructions while with us.  Sticking to the rules will keep us all safe.  Social distancing, use of sanitiser and frequent hand washing are some of our safety measures.


If you are feeling unwell with any cold or flu-like symptoms,

Please, please contact us to postpone your cruise until you’re feeling 100%.   

(We can arrange a refund if rescheduling won’t work for you).


With these few simple safeguards we can all relax and enjoy a great day on the water.  We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you aboard soon!


               -  The Catch a Crab crew