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March 15, 2018

We were lucky to be visited by the team from Malaysia's 'Astro Arena' TV Station! It was a pleasure to show this group a beautiful part of the Gold Coast, and to treat them to a luxurious seafood feast with fresh rock oysters & boiled mudcrab.

This visit was part of a promotion showcasing the Gold Coast in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games this April. Be sure to check out the awesome video that the team produced, on Facebook:

Good stuff Astro Arena!

July 10, 2017

The Oyster Farm is undergoing a complete restoration and clean up in 2017.

The existing leases on our Oyster Farm are being completely restored and cleaned up making way for many trays full of our famous Sydney Rock Oysters.
There is also an interactive display being constructed, where the guests can view first hand how the oysters are cultivated using our new floating basket system.
This maintains our goal of achieving absolute freshness when serving such delicacies of this beautiful location such as the Sydney Rock Oyster and Queensland Mud Crab.
These are all available directly in our popular Lakeside Cafe.

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July 10, 2017

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