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Our Oyster Farm -- An Online Tour

This week we'll be giving you an online tour of the Birdsbay Oyster Farm's basic operations!

Featured today: one of the more modern containers for housing oysters are the flippable baskets. These baskets sit on the surface of the water and rise & fall with the tide. They're lightweight, portable, and can flip over to allow the oysters to dry or be elevated above the water when water quality is sub-standard.

A large-mesh oyster basket generally houses between 25 to 30 dozen Sydney Rock oysters. We give them plenty of room to tumble around & expand as they grow. The oysters are submerged in the water and filter-feed, using the clean saltwater of the Terranora Lakes & Tweed River to fuel their growth--saltwater is full of the minerals & nutrients required for healthy growth.

Conveniently enough the floating baskets offer a great seat for the local bird-life! Every day we get a good view of the seagulls, pelicans, cormorants & shags that call the Terranora Lakes home.

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